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about us

Our mission is to help our clients in the following fields:

  • application of the optimal inventory and stock system
  • optimization of the management, control and use of energy
  • reducing flow costs
  • reducing the risk to tolerable level in the field of work safety and quality

We offer analysis, models and feedback systems for our clients committed to efficiency. For this reason we help our customers to plan and implement the capacity of sustainable development to meet strategically, organizational and cultural challenges of their environment.     

Our services:

-        Regulatory Process models, Process Standards, Quality management systems:

We will provide you more than others. We offer you our experience in the field of system construction for the efficiency increase and the acceleration of the process customizing in your company.  Our engineer and economist experts with significant and relevant corporate experience can assist you in the everyday operation as well.

  • ISO 9001 quality management
  • ISO 14001 (EMS) environmental management
  • ISO / TS 16949 quality management for automotive suppliers
  • ISO 50001 energy management for sustainable development
  • European Excellence Award / Application of ExcellenCert Model
  • OHSAS 18001 (EN 28001) regulation of workplace safety (OHS)
  • Six sigma quality management
  • Introduction of work safety compliance management
  • Integrated management system (IMS)

-        Implementation of LEAN process:

  • Value stream mapping (VSM)
  • Development of 5S system
  • Just in time (JIT) method in the production and acquisition(Kanban technique,  principles of zero-tolerance, one piece flow)
  • Implementation of Kaizen activities (Office Kaizen, Gemba kaizen)
  • Jidoka – automatism development (poka yoke, andon solutions)
  • Single-Minute Exchange of Dies (SMED) – in order to reduce cost  of changes
  • Visual management
  • Conscious production management development
  • Assessment  of production capability
  • LEAN- manager training

-        Production efficiency and optimal inventory and stock

  • Inventory and logistics audit
  • Technology portfolio-analysis and road mapping
  • Assessment of the production capability
  • TMAP - technology management audit
  • Inventory optimization, portfolio rationalization
  • Optimization of the production and assembly processes with several simulation methods
  • Site design, layout DEPO, route optimization
  • Calculation of E OQ optimums
  • Sensitivity analysis of production efficiency

-       Energy efficiency:

The energy audit is not an own sake interaction. We highlight the opportunities for improving energy efficiency by the exploration of energy losses and investment- effectiveness development proposals in order to reduce the overall energy use of all kind of real estates.

  • Preliminary energy-audit
  • Efficiency analysis of hydraulic systems
  • Development of effectiveness of compressed air systems
  • Energetically concept of real estates and condominiums
  • Complex energy efficiency audit
  • Energy management – Preparation for ISO 50001 quality certification
  • Financial analysis, modelling, bank consulting of energy projects
  • Real estate’s energy certification
  • Energy-expert services

-       Risk management in the field of work safety and compliance: we develop and offer for you our risk management services in order to work functional, efficient, integrated risk management methods which are harmonized with in-house processes and legislation.

  • Process regulation
  • Process management
  • Work safety strategy

 -      Starp up programs, research & development

  • Riskanalysis of Workplace Safety
  • Energy efficiency, research on renewable energies
  • Waste management

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